Dedicating his Heart and Work to the People – 3 Questions with Sam Goh

Published on : 9/13/22
Reading time : 3 min
  • Menu research, food costing and purchase, liaising with stakeholders – these are only a few of Sam Goh’s roles and responsibilities as a Senior Multi-Site Manager.

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    Sam Goh,  
    Senior Multi-Site Manager, Kuehne + Nagel and Schlumberger 

    Every day, Sam and his team serves a total of 150 people at the Kuehne + Nagel – all within an hour to meet the short time frame that each employee has for lunch. In order to meet the demands of the large lunchtime crowd, Sam has to ensure that the team works orderly and efficiently to prevent any hiccups that will might result in delays when serving up the food.  

    Q: Can you give us a brief process of how the planning is like? 

    A: “Before each week, I always gather the team to allocate time from our schedules to do up menu research in order to plan the dishes that we will be preparing for the following few days. After which, ingredients for the week’s menu are then ordered and transported to the kitchen, where it is my priority to make sure that they are delivered both fresh, and safe.” 

    For a smooth flow of operations to set sail, Sam carries out each action with his due diligence. No matter how small these actions are, they all add up to contribute to a successful week at K+N.   

    Q: What is one thing you strive for while on the job? 

    A: “I believe in team spirit and team bonding. When the Sodexo team works together to achieve our goals and cook good food, our consumers are able to feel the love and effort that goes into each dish. In my opinion, the canteen is not just a place to simply consume food, but it is also a second home for our consumers to relax and socialise with their fellow employees. Through providing good service and maintaining a friendly and approachable attitude, it encourages our consumers to come down to the cafeteria – adding on to the liveliness of it all.” 

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    Q: What is your favourite interaction with your consumers? 

    A: “We love hearing genuine opinions from them, regardless of whether if they are compliments or areas of improvement. It makes us happy if they are enjoying the food, but it makes us happier if they view us as friends and are willing to come up to us to share their thoughts. We always remind them that their opinions matter, as every bit goes a long way into improving our operations for the longer term.” 

    Sam makes it a priority to ensure the best for our consumers, including taking care of the quality of ingredients, safety and sanitation in the kitchen. When the team successfully fulfils their responsibilities together, it provides them with a sense of accomplishment, while leaving their consumers feeling satisfied and happy.  

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