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Published on : 10/1/22
  • We paid a visit to our KK Women’s and Children Hospital (KKH) site– and talked to our dietician in the food catering department. From meal planning to nutrition research, a small action goes a long way for the patients at KKH.

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    Vukmirovic Maja 
    Dietician (Food Catering Department), Sodexo @ KKH

    At KKH, Maja’s role includes guiding the kitchen team on how to properly prepare a therapeutic diet, while also making sure that the patients under the hospital’s dietician care name list receives the right diet to suit to their needs.  

    Particularly for the children and women’s wards, it is important that any guidelines are strictly adhered to. Patients could include pregnant women, or very young children - of which there are certain foods that have to be avoided at all costs, and other foods that are greatly beneficial for their development and growth. This is where Maja puts her expertise to the test. 

    For example, a doctor will pair with a dietician to decide the ideal therapeutic diet to be followed for a patient undergoing a specific therapy. This will then be translated to the food catering department, where the dieticians will work on a currently available menu or amend the menu to adjust them to fit the patient’s diet. To be more specific, such adjustments could include serving up a different portion, changing the percentage of vegetables or protein, or even using a different texture (cut, blended, minced) for the same dish – in order to ensure that each patient’s requirements is well taken care of.