Employee Engagement Through Innovative Food Solutions

Published on : 9/8/22
  • With the economy back in full swing, more employees are returning to the workplace. How can organisations enhance the employee experience and create workplaces which employees look forward to with food?

    As the saying goes, food is the way to the heart. Creativity comes into play in shaping the future of work. At Sodexo APAC House in Singapore, a curated series of food innovations makes the everyday working experience fun and flavourful for employees. 

    Robotics Beverage Delivery


    Short, cute and yet very functional, the Pudu Robot works as a little accomplice to Sodexo’s in-house Aspretto Café. Designed to follow a guided path, the robot can smartly work its way around the office space to serve coffee to employees and visitors efficiently. 

    Each Pudu Robot holds several horizontal, stable trays that prevents any spillage of beverages while travelling. Employees at Sodexo APAC House can order a fairtrade coffee of their choice via the mobile application and add their location in the comments. They can then sit back, relax, and chat with their colleagues while Pudu nimbly waltzes across the office with the hand-crafted beverages! 

    Farm to Table Greens


    Freshness is guaranteed with Grobrix, an indoor vertical farming system that houses a variety of greens. These aesthetically pleasing greens can be easily harvested when they are ready for consumption. Grobrix focuses on using a low maintenance farming system that suspends plant roots in air to promote faster growth and greater yields. It does not rely on the usage of soil, making the entire process fuss-free even in office environments.

    The introduction of these brightly lit plants helps to purify the air, reduce stress levels and act as a mood booster – all in all improving employees’ well-being and productivity. Furthermore, employees can pick the amounts they need and want – resulting in zero packaging waste and minimal food wastage. Who says salads have to boring? 

    Healthy Snacks Round the Clock


    Holding a variety of healthy yet tasty snack options, the Boxgreen snacks have made their way into our office and stomachs! Boxgreen is the latest addition to the vending options in Sodexo APAC House. Boxgreen adds to the variety of affordable guilt-free snacks in the office, supporting our employees to make healthy eating easy.

    From spicy Sriracha Multigrain Crunch to locally inspired options like Cheng Tng Almond Mix for those with a sweet tooth, these little packets of energy can keep employees fuelled throughout their day, 24/7. It’s great for the occasional odd-hour shift, and also a wonderful complement to the fresh salad greens.

    Dining Made Convenient with Contactless Vending

    Smart Chef

    For those who prefer a full meal, Sodexo’s Smart Chef, supported by CryoWerx’s smart vending technology, offers the perfect solution. From hot options such as curry chicken rice to cold selections such as blueberry yoghurt, Smart Chef caters to diverse palettes.

    These RFID-enabled kiosks are cashless, automated and convenient. To unlock the Smart Chef kiosks, employees can use the mobile application to scan the QR code and pick any food or beverage item of your choice. Here’s the great part – the kiosk is able to detect which item(s) was being removed and will automatically deduct the respective amount from your account’s wallet. Smart Chef makes grabbing food in between meetings quick and easy, even on days packed to the brim with meetings.

    Shaping Culture with Food

    Getting the right food solutions in place, powered by the latest technology, makes a world of difference in the workplace. Coupled with the right engagement activities, good food also supports talent attraction and retention,

    If you are looking to facilitate the transition back to the workplace or wish to revitalise your workplace food solution, Sodexo provides a clear, data-driven approach to meet the needs of different consumers, regardless of whether they are in offices, manufacturing plants, schools or hospitals.

    Reach out for a discussion on how Sodexo can provided customised food solutions for your team, and see how you can Rise with Sodexo here!

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