Focus Areas

Senior care demands a caring spirit and a passion for service. It requires a commitment to creating uplifting experiences with every interaction. That’s why senior care communities need a high level of expert support. A team that can streamline processes, boost performance, and truly connect with seniors. A team like Sodexo, that has served the seniors of Pacific Healthcare Nursing Home and Active Global Senior Care Centre in Singapore

Sodexo employee chatting with elderly

Making mealtimes the best

Mealtimes are the highlight of the day for most seniors - they bond and heal over good food. They look forward to eating nutritious dishes, prepared by expert chefs. And they want to be offered therapeutic meals that take note of their dietary preferences and geriatric needs.

Employee exercise with elderly

A focus on comfort, safety and wellness

Designing a senior care community raises a lot of questions. Is getting around easy? How accessible is everything? Is it wheelchair-friendly? Can we provide access to wellness programmes? Creating an attractive, functional senior care environment takes expertise. And we have more than most.

Sodexo employee fixing light for elderly

Home help for seniors

Receiving care at home is comforting for the elderly. With quality home help from Active Global, a member of the Sodexo Group specialising in home and community care for seniors, they now have the option to heal in their most familiar space. This is also in line with government calls to strengthen such care options for the elderly. From personal care to companionship, Sodexo delivers excellence.

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