Five Drivers of Change

Impacting life at school

social distancing

Social distancing requirements

In the new normal, increased social distancing requirements will create further timetabling pressure and modified services. Sodexo has created a new systematic and comprehensive approach including new catering delivery models, amended cleaning regimes and new pupil facilities.

joining hands

Mental health at the forefront

Mental well-being will be even more crucial across all stakeholder groups within school communities. Our trusted health, safety and environmental standards and services is an assurance to the school communities, as we take into consideration its impacts on the community’s productivity, emotions and morale.

image of a mask

COVID-19 is here for the medium term

Scientific consensus suggests that we might see up to 3 more waves of COVID-19 over the next 2 years. Sodexo has school resilience plans in place to prepare for the next wave of COVID-19 and ensures flexibility to be able to meet new challenges.

temperature checks

Focus on hygiene, health and safety

With the next normal, we can expect that parental interest in school policies, especially around hygiene, health and safety, to increase significantly. Sodexo can support school communities with disinfection services, providing regular reporting on work completion, inspections conducted, incidents and risks identified.

digital kiosk

Digital as an enabler for new services

The demand for digital solutions to support all aspects of school life will accelerate at an unprecedented speed. Sodexo can meet the cashless payment systems and pre-ordering applications requirement. Sodexo's new food services and models can help.

Re-opening right

At Sodexo, we are supporting schools and universities to manage COVID-19 through a phased approach of remobilisation and re-opening, in addition to applying service adaptations and enhancements and planning for 'the next normal' - longer term changes to campus life.

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New Normal
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