Keeping Medical Equipment in Top Condition

Sodexo team member maintaining healthcare equipment

Supporting healthcare teams with maintenance on-site

For healthcare institutions with a wide variety of equipment, Sodeoxo's biomedical engineers can be stationed on site to support the needs of healthcare staff, performing routine maintenance checks and ensuring that all equipment are in top condition.

Sodexo employees in hospitals

Conducting regular check-ups on healthcare equipment

For healthcare institutions in Thailand, India and Philippines that require less frequent or ad-hoc maintenance, our Mobile Teams can provide scheduled support when you need it! In certain geographies in India, you can even use our user-friendly HTM app to schedule services and support!

Being Recognised for our Healthcare Technology Excellence

The Healthcare Technology Maintenance team at Sodexo India were recently recognised for their innovative services, strengthening quality in healthcare and improving patient safety. This is a testatment to the trust that our valued clients have placed in Sodexo and the standards of service and excellence that the team has set in place.