Focus Areas

Government, justice and military agencies need partners who understand their unique needs and the ability to deliver 24/7/365. Sodexo can help meet their requirements for food and nutrition, facilities management and support services. From food and nutrition, to complex technical tasks, Sodexo’s employees, backed by industry leading certification such as BizSafe, deliver up to 100 services to help drive the performance of public servants.

Quality of life services that support mission defence capability

Quality of life has an enormous impact on military outcomes. Sodexo helps guide your people towards physical, mental and motivational readiness, preparing and maintaining them for sustainable peak performance. One big way to do that is via food – the right nutrition and palatable meals designed by our chefs and nutritionists help refuel your people for new physical and mental challenges.

Partnering with government agencies

Government agencies should be places that create an environment of respect. They should be well run and efficient, encouraging productivity. They should support employee wellness and help build communities. Sodexo makes it happen, making sure your operations never fall short of excellence in all aspects.

Our certifications

Sodexo’s global health and safety management system is based on OHSAS 18001, an internationally recognised standard. But we go above and beyond by clinching other esteemed certifications such as the ISO 55001 – we were the first facilities services provider to offer a global asset management service in compliance with this standard at the International School of Beijing.