Servathon: Creative Solutions for a Better Future

Published on : 5/28/21
  • In Singapore, like everyone else, we were caught unaware at the start of the new decade when COVID-19 struck us at the dawn of 2020. Government, organisations, and businesses alike scrambled to put together an emergency response.

    But on a deeper level, the pandemic also highlighted the inequalities in society and the urgent need to tackle them.1

    Against this backdrop, Stop Hunger’s relevance shines through brightly. Stop Hunger Servathon brings together Sodexo volunteers to reduce hunger and malnutrition in the world. Every year, we involve our eco-system of stakeholders – employees, consumers, suppliers, and partners – to serve the local community. 

    In Singapore, we continue to support The Food Bank Singapore and Daughters of Tomorrow to address two pertinent social issues – food insecurity and women empowerment, respectively. 

    In spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic and safe management measures, I am proud of the resilience shown by our Servathon Committee. Undeterred by the obstacles, our team members found fun ways to raise funds and engage with the local community.

    Servathon Activities

    We recruited volunteer instructors to conduct virtual Pilates, Yoga and Piloxing classes. Leveraging on our culinary expertise, our chefs also showcased yummy yet nutritious dishes that can be easily prepared at home. We held virtual auctions that allowed us to give second life and a new home to pre-loved goods. 

    While large scale events were out of the question, we turned to meaningful, small group interactions with our beneficiaries. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we hosted ladies from Daughters of Tomorrow for #SheWorks job shadowing sessions. We also had small teams of volunteers distributing food bundles and meals to beneficiaries of The Food Bank Singapore

    In times of adversity, we also saw the best of humanity. The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) facilitated tie-ups with like-minded partners. Together with Lush Cosmetics and Beyond Social Services (BSS), we distributed meals to needy beneficiaries. In an increasingly interconnected world, it is so critical that organisations collaborate for the better good. Because together, we can do so much more. 

    Today, on World Hunger Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to end food insecurity. Even though the new normal may be here with us for some time, we must continue to curate impactful initiatives to create a more equitable world for generations to come. 

    Paul Chong 
    Servathon Chair, Singapore
    Operations Director, Malaysia & Singapore
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