We are committed to encouraging our guests to develop good eating habits and healthy lifestyles. With the help of our nutritionists, we create balanced, nourishing meals adapted to guests’ lifestyles and the diversity of their tastes around the world. Our approach to sustainable and healthy eating relies on four main factors: responsible sourcing; promoting plant-based meals; nutrition, health and well-being; and the prevention of food waste.

Responsible Sourcing

LégumesEvery year, our procurement teams spend six billion euros with around 150,000 suppliers around the world. Just as our guests do at home, we buy and serves fresh food directly from local producers as well as food from large companies in the food industry. Our ingredients are selected according to strict nutritional requirements and are subject to a rigorous and objective testing process.

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Promoting Plant-Based Alternatives

Assiette de légumes

A varied plant-based diet means more vitamins and minerals, and also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint that comes with raising livestock. We are increasing the proportion of our “low carbon” menus, with the objective of offering more than 30% plant-based meals by 2025.

For example, we were the first global food service provider to partner with the Future 50 Foods initiative. The Future 50 Foods Report identifies under-utilized plant-based foods that optimize nutrient density and reduce environmental impact. Sodexo has rolled out 40 plant-based recipes containing the Future 50 Foods, starting with 5,000 kitchens in Belgium, the US, France and the UK. Here in Singapore, we are also working with Humane Society International to increase the percentage of plant-based options in our menus for our education sites. 

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Preventing Food Waste

Employée Sodexo servant à mangerEvery individual involved in our food service operations from our employees, chefs, site managers and kitchen staff are committed to fighting food waste. In our kitchens, our chefs invent recipes that use food differently and take an innovative approach to menu planning to incorporate leftovers, in line with our goal of reducing food waste by 50% by 2025.

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Sustainable Meals are contributing to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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