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Improving quality of life isn't just a dream. For Sodexo, it's a mission. We believe quality of life helps to keep people healthy, happy & motivated throughout life. We believe it helps organisations to be more efficient and productive. And as the world leader of over 100 services, we believe that quality of life is created when we integrate our services. Sodexo has been one of the leading facilities management and food services companies in Malaysia and Singapore since the 1980's, serving distinguished clients in MNCs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and remote sites. We deliver a wide spectrum of services from managing your kitchen operations and keeping your facilities running in tip-top condition to everything in between - and we go even further. Doing good business in a good way is our driver and at the heart of our mission.

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About Sodexo

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With operations in 12 territories across APAC and over 100 professions, we offer an array of opportunities. See available roles, or click over to LinkedIn about embarking on a professional journey.

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