Turning a Global Threat into a Golden Opportunity

Published on : 1/19/23
Reading time : 3 min
  • Stepping into 2023, supply chain disruptions are expected to continue and impact our day-to-day lives. Whether they are caused by existing or new geopolitical conflicts, inflationary pressures and the recessionary environment, climate change weather events, or other issues that have yet to emerge, the question is: how can we adapt?

    The Singapore government has gone a long way to address food security issues - from finding new sources of food, to instituting a "30 by 30" plan that builds domestic capacity to provide 30% of local nutritional needs by 2030. That does not go far enough though. It is now up to companies and individuals to take up the mantle and join the fight against food insecurity. With any crisis comes a golden opportunity to rebuild a better system. Innovation, creativity and a focus on local communities will be key in the future of food stability. 

    Why are We Passionate About This?