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Vegetable cuttings

Food Should be Eaten, Not Wasted

Food should never be thrown away. Our site managers, chefs and kitchen staff have implemented initiatives to cut waste. But this is not enough. We're using data to identify actions that can change behaviour and reduce food waste. For us, it's an opportunity to inspire creativity from our chefs, create new ways of enjoying food, and adopt more efficient operations for our planet.

Working across the board

stop  food wasteWhether it’s during the ordering, storage, preparation, or serving process, we are working together with our teams, clients and suppliers to reduce food and collateral waste across Sodexo sites. In education institutions, we are conscious of students’ growing aspirations for sustainable living, and their appreciation for Sodexo’s environmental consciousness and expertise in nutrition.


Sodexo chef cutting tomatoes in a kitchenFor Sodexo, the fight against food waste is part of our daily routine. By using the WasteWatch program, Sodexo teams are able to easily capture food waste data and take action to drive cultural and behavioral change, whether it's food waste generated in the kitchen or consumer food waste. In Singapore, we have implemented WasteWatch in education institutes from pre-schools to universities where we proactively educate students and faculty on mindful food consumption. WasteWatch will be deployed across 3,000 client sites worldwide by 2020 and will reach all sites by 2025.

Yume Partnership

Two sodexo chefs pouring liquid in to a saucepanWorking with the right partners is also key to reducing food waste. In Australia, we will divert tonnes of quality surplus food each year, thanks to a collaboration with the innovative surplus food wholesale marketplace Yume. Yume obtains its high-quality stock from reputed HACCP accredited suppliers so our clients and consumers able to enjoy the same culinary excellence from Sodexo while we play our part in reducing landfill impact.

Training and development

Two sodexo chefs pouring liquid in to a saucepanWe are training our teams to be sustainably minded and have developed training and personal development programs to empower employees, customers and clients to waste less by celebrating the benefits of conserving food, water, energy, paper and raw material.


Packaging and recycling

Two sodexo chefs pouring liquid in to a saucepanWe’ve introduced innovative packaging and recycling solutions, such as re-useable materials, bioplastics, and organic material, to help eliminate plastic waste from ending up in landfills. On all sites in Singapore, we have also removed the use of single-use plastic straws. In fact, Sodexo is reducing single-use plastics all over the world including North America, the UK, France, Australia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Engaging the community

A salad in a recyclable bowlOutside of client sites, we, together with partners like The Food Bank Singapore, continuously move beyond awareness of food waste to action. By galvanising our clients, we have donated hundreds of kilos of fit-for-consumption food items that may have otherwise gone to waste. We have also supported a campaign to highlight the large volume of fresh foods thrown away due to cosmetic filtering at supermarkets.

Growing Responsibly

In 1966, we were among the first few companies in the world to place a social element at the core of its mission. Why? Because we have always wanted our growth to make sense.

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