Love of Food in Asia Pacific: Special COVID-19 Edition

In recent months, COVID19 has led us to re-shape how we design and support the delivery of food services and address changing consumer and client needs.

The tables have turned on what we perceive as ‘good’ dining experiences. The choices we make at home will likely change our expectations when we eat out again. It used to be social and experiential, but now it is leaning towards safety and well-being. Through working from home, new habits and routines are created and will likely continue in a post-COVID19 world. How you feel, and how you behave will have correlations to what you eat and drink.

Other than preparing our business to restart ground operations, we also felt that this is the best time to rally our support behind you – as our direct consumer. We want to contribute and aid you to maintain a positive mental attitude, healthy lifestyle and personal relationships.

In this special edition, our in-house dieticians and culinarians in Asia Pacific have partnered up to convey simple health and well-being tips that you can include into your daily routine, and disclosing their favourite, original recipes that you can make as a warm and comforting treat in your own kitchens.

We hope that these will encourage your transformation in coping with this crisis and to reboot towards a better self, while we steadily approach the start of a  new norm.

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