Healthcare operations are complex; it goes far beyond transactional medical care.

The Quality of Life of patients and employees and the quality of services and facilities need to be delicately balanced with cost efficiency. This is where Sodexo comes in to help. 

Around the world, we have helped our clients provide the best possible healthcare experience to their patients. Our customised solutions (from executing inpatient meals and staff catering to access control, facilities management and more) focus on improving the satisfaction of patients and their families and enhancing the efficiency and reputation of our clients. 

Maintaining tip-top cleanliness and reducing the rate of infections are also prioritised through our use of robot-cleaning technology. After all,  it’s been found that adequate cleaning protocols can up to 30% of deaths caused by hospital-acquired infections. 

From acute hospitals to step-down care facilities, our solutions are methodical, tailored and well-rounded,  taking into account the well-being of everyone who visits and works on-site. Read more about our tried-and-true steps to enhancing Quality of Life for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. 

Patient Empowerment, Comfort and Safety

Ensuring optimum Quality of Life for patients is critical for a smooth recovery process. Sodexo’s famed food services are well-placed to meet patient needs. Our registered dietitians and chefs work hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals to design, execute and deliver healthy and tasty meals patients and staff on a daily basis. The culinary team is also on hand to cater for special events with premium offerings. 

Enhancing Facilities

Keeping the hospital clean, comfortable and safe is important for healthcare processes and provide a pleasant environment for patients, workers and visitors. Our facilities management team has the technical expertise, advanced tools and project management skills to upkeep the most sophisticated modern buildings and protect your assets.

And in line with our corporate responsibility roadmap, Sodexo can also work with you to fulfil your sustainability targets. We have proven success in implementing waste-reduction, energy-saving  and other eco-conscious practices in hospitals all over the world.

Inpatient meals

Sodexo is the largest private employer of registered dietitians and our teams work closely with doctors to plan menus suited to patient requirements. 

Mealtimes are also an opportunity for us to offer patient empowerment. Far removed from their daily routine in an unfamiliar place, inpatients face inevitable helplessness, anxiety and stress. But small gestures  - like the freedom to choose what they eat – can do much to help them regain their sense of control.  

Sodexo’s Touch2Order technology allows patients to pick from a customised selection of meals each day. Patients get to peruse a menu which contains visuals, descriptions and nutritional information. 

Their selections get sent in real-time to the kitchen team, which consolidates orders from all wards. An added bonus: accuracy in meal deliveries improves dramatically by axing manual order-taking.

Staff Dining

Healthcare professionals spend the better part of their lives caring for the ill and injured. Their demanding roles require optimum health and energy levels so as to keep up with their charges. We are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to provide your team with culinary excellence and nutrition. We are also uncompromising with food safety and hygiene, and adopt strict processes to avoid contamination. 

Catering & Functions

From intimate coffee breaks and evening cocktails to buffets, fine fining and live cooking demonstrations, we can provide services of any scale and setting. 

Whether you are hosting overseas guests or holding training sessions, Sodexo will be able to provide the right food, and more importantly, the right people to fulfil your function’s requirements.

Empowering patients through “At Your Request”

Sodexo’s  “At Your Request” offer is not unlike a food concierge service for patients. We handle the A to Z of meal provision from meal ordering, through to preparation and delivery. Nurses are then free to focus on their primary occupation – caring for patients. Find out how European hospitals have benefitted from “At Your Request”. 

Reception and Switchboard

Our highly trained and proactive reception teams – professional, attentive and warm – will ensure a favourable impression.

Our duties can include managing the telephone switchboard, updating contact directories, ensuring access to parking areas and coordinating deliveries among others. 

To ensure we deliver a standard of reception like no other, we monitor standards regularly, conduct thorough training and ensure they are presentable, reliable and motivated.

Access Control

Patients require privacy and ample rest for quick recovery. Sodexo is able to cover a wide spectrum of security services including ward visitor management, while maintaining a professional image of your healthcare institution. 

Asset Management

In a budget-tight environment, Sodexo is able to maintain your assets and optimise their lifecycle to provide maximise cost efficiency while ensuring safety and performance. From medical equipment and power generators to air-conditioning and air filtration systems, we keep things running smoothly 24/7. Read more.

Green & Sustainable Solutions

Sodexo is recognised internationally for our commitment to environmental sustainability, and we have a wide range of solutions designed for campuses to mitigate impact on the environment.

In addition to minimising the use of water and energy while carrying out our services, waste management is one of Sodexo’s strongest suits.

We can deliver a service that covers all waste streams through one point of contact. This means you receive one invoice and one report to maximise management efficiency. 

We also recognise the significance of energy from waste technology as an alternative to reducing landfill and a sustainable option for energy recovery. We are able to explore such opportunities through our partners.

Technical Management

From climate engineering to maintenance of elevators, electricity and information systems and more, such in-built technologies in modern buildings are managed with ease by our technical experts. Our teams are integrated within your hospital's building and present at all times, ensuring they have a good grasp of your facilities and can respond quickly during a breakdown. 

Cleaning & Laundry

Cleaning is crucial in maintaining a hygienic and safe environment for employees and visitors. Our cleaning teams’ professionalism ensures the highest standards.

We use the most up-to-date ergonomically designed, environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning equipment and materials. Innovations such as micro-fibre systems, recycling initiatives and daylight cleaning enable us to deliver quality services while meeting CSR goals.


Comfortable environments are conducive for healing; they also improve the moods and productivity of workers. Sodexo maintains the grounds of our clients to provide safe and aesthetically appealing areas for everyone to enjoy. Grounds maintenance services cover building entrances, inner courtyards and terraces.


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Quality of life in action

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