We travel the world to share great flavours

Here at Sodexo, our chefs cook for some of the most prestigious companies in the world and run the kitchens of Michelin-starred establishments every day.

We earn our culinary stripes not just by sticking to what we know, but by learning from Sodexo experts in other countries via the Global Chef Program.

Every year, the best of our talented chefs from over a hundred countries are handpicked to participate in this exchange program. Visiting chefs will present dishes from home to the host country while serving and engaging with clients and consumers.

The Global Chef Program is also an annual highlight for Sodexo clients who get to enjoy unique tastes and techniques from visiting chefs. Events featuring global chefs are a welcome treat for employees and invigorate their dining program in refreshing ways.

The benefits of the program extend to Sodexo chefs too who get to level up their skills along the way while making new friends around the world.

Chef Michael

Hear it from Global Chef Michael Lim

Singapore’s Chef Michael, a participant in 2017’s Global Chef Program spent a week in Sydney, Australia, and returned with a fresh eye on his craft.


Q: Tell us how you got into cooking?
A: My father was in the catering business so I learned how to cook early on. My brother and cousins who are chefs also inspired me. I started cooking professionally at 23, and have worked at global chain hotels, an expatriate club and other establishments.

Q: What do you do in Sodexo now?
A: I’m the chef manager servicing a world tech giant. My duties are wide-ranging. It includes managing and collaborating with the team on-site, planning the menu, taking stock of inventory among others. Just like serving customers in a busy restaurant, we work hard to deliver excellent food standards every single day. We feel satisfied when our clients give us positive feedback and when the food we put out helps improve the lives of employees.

Q: How did you feel when you were selected for the Global Chef Program?
A: I’m lucky to be chosen. This is the kind of opportunity that you normally won’t find in typical food and beverage businesses. The trip was a good learning experience.

Q: What did you learn exactly?
A: During the week, I visited two corporate client sites and helped with lunch service, a buffet and cocktail event. By working with the Australian team, I saw the importance of team spirit and coordination. I also picked up new knowledge on presentation and modern fusion techniques.

Q: What were the dishes you prepared and how was the feedback?
A: I prepared Singapore favourites including Five Spice Ngoh Hiang, Fish Assam Curry, Seafood Laksa, Beef Rendang, Sambal Terung and Nyonya Chicken Curry. These are some of my favourite local dishes because they are so aroma, flavorful, the salty sweet, cream. In general people loved the dishes. While mingling with the clients, the Singaporeans there were so appreciative and we talked about food for a long time!

Q: What’s great about being a Sodexo chef?
A: Working at Sodexo makes me look at cooking and running the kitchen in new ways. On top of picking up skills in planning and management, I was thankful to have been chosen for the Global Chef Program. Locally, we also learn new cooking techniques from visiting chefs.  Overall, Sodexo provides a very unique, conducive environment for us to expand our culinary skills.

Sodexo Difference

Being a chef at Sodexo is exciting and enriching. Plus, high-performing chefs get to travel in the name of work. Find out more about our vacancies.


Global Chef Program

Global Chef is a week-long international chef residency that takes Sodexo’s top chefs to different countries around the world in order to share authentic cuisines with Sodexo’s customers.