Environment for military premises must be carefully supervised to avoid problems and risks. Our experts maintain the military grounds to provide safe and aesthetically appealing areas for the troops.

Ground maintenance services cover building entrance areas, inner courtyards and terraces of the premises. By combining local service delivery with the latest technology in grounds maintenance, we can bring a whole new approach to meet your needs. 

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Green solutions

We are committed to provide you with environmentally beneficial services...

Technical management

Our teams ensure they have a good grasp of the technical aspects of client’s buildings.

Kitchen design & build

Our team optimizes the functionality of military premises during the design phase.


Our security services offer you the assurance of the highest standards and quality, ensuring the safety of armies.

Waste management

Establishing a single point of contact for the waste management maximises management efficiency.

Cleaning and laundry

We offer professional cleaning and laundry service to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the troops.


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