Corporate Services

People perform better in a pleasant, well-planned work environment. Sodexo designs, manages and delivers solutions for clients to improve daily life in the workplace and to help employees to stay happy and productive.

From managing staff restaurants and organising executive catering events to technical maintenance of offices and manning reception desks, Sodexo’s services are as varied as they are thoughtful, tailored and always delivered to above-par standards. 

We stay on the pulse of the needs and aspirations of employees, so you can attract the best and brightest talent. Based on our yearly Global Workplace Trends findings, Sodexo’s services incorporate the latest technological innovations, food trends and sustainability sensibilities to enhance your company’s offerings. 

Employee Well-being

Studies have shown that happier employees are more productive – they are also healthier and more motivated to do their best. Our team of dietitians, chefs and space planners collaborate closely with you to customise daily dining experiences that optimise the collective experience at your workplace.

Plus, our annual Global Chef Program provides your employees and consumers the opportunity to sample dishes from other top chefs from Sodexo around the world, injecting fresh excitement to your mealtimes and events. 

Workplace Efficiency

First impressions count, and we understand the importance of frontline staff at the reception area or behind a telephone switchboard. To make things easier for you, Sodexo has a ready pool of professionals who possess the right skills and attitude to represent your brand to visitors and customers.

Enhancing facilities

Keeping the office clean, comfortable and safe provides a soothing environment for work; it also creates a positive impression on visitors and business associates.  

Our faciities management team has the technical expertise, advanced tools and project management skills to upkeep the most sophisticated modern buildings and protect your assets.

And in line with our corporate responsibility roadmap, Sodexo can also work with you to fulfill your sustainability targets. We have proven success in implementing waste-reduction, energy-saving  and other eco-conscious practices in organisations all over the world

Nutrition and Well-being

As a global player in food services, Sodexo has considerable influence on the eating habits of more than 100 million people around the world. As such, we have a duty to do things right.

We know that a healthy body leads to a sharper mind and higher efficiency at work. To promote health and wellness, our dietitians and chefs can draw up wholesome, well-balanced meals with reduced fats, sugar and salt without compromising on taste.

Staff Restaurant

Every company is different, so we never offer cookie-cutter solutions. Using our propriety consumer behaviour profiling tool and customer surveys, we will design and execute our menus and meal formats (from grab and go through to table service) to maximise your employees’ satisfaction.

Functions & Banquets

From intimate coffee breaks and evening cocktails to buffets, fine fining and live cooking demonstrations, we can provide services of any scale and setting.

Whether you are hosting overseas guests or holding training sessions, Sodexo will be able to provide the right food, and more importantly, the right people to fulfil your function’s requirements.

Pantry Management

As palates become increasingly sophisticated, pantries have not become more than just office perks. They are a Quality of Life convenience that employees rely on to for pick-me-ups amidst their busy days. 

Sodexo can help in every facet of pantry management, from break room design and providing high-quality products to customer service.

Reception and Switchboard

Our highly trained and proactive reception teams – professional, attentive and warm – will ensure a favourable impression.

Our duties can include managing the telephone switchboard, updating contact directories, ensuring access to parking areas and coordinating deliveries among others. 

To ensure we deliver a standard of reception like no other, we monitor standards regularly, conduct thorough training and ensure they are presentable, reliable and motivated.

Green & Sustainable Solutions

Sodexo is recognised internationally for our commitment to environmental sustainability, and we have a wide range of solutions designed for campuses to mitigate impact on the environment.

In addition to minimising the use of water and energy while carrying out our services, waste management is one of Sodexo’s strongest suits.

We can deliver a service that covers all waste streams through one point of contact. This means you receive one invoice and one report to maximise management efficiency. 

We also recognise the significance of energy from waste technology as an alternative to reducing landfill and a sustainable option for energy recovery. We are able to explore such opportunities through our partners.

Technical Solutions

From climate engineering to maintenance of elevators, electricity and information systems and more, such in-built technologies in modern buildings are managed with ease by our technical experts. Our teams are integrated within your company’s building and present at all times, ensuring they have a good grasp of your facilities and can respond quickly during a breakdown. 

Kitchen design and build

For decades, we have helped clients operate their kitchen facilities more efficiently and effectively. Naturally, we are well placed to conceptualise, execute and manage turnkey renovation and construction of new kitchens, dining areas and serveries.

Cleaning & Laundry

Cleaning is crucial in maintaining a hygienic and safe environment for employees and visitors. Our cleaning teams’ professionalism ensures the highest standards.

We use the most up-to-date ergonomically designed, environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning equipment and materials. Innovations such as micro-fibre systems, recycling initiatives and daylight cleaning enable us to deliver quality services while meeting CSR goals.


The workplace setting is an important factor in the well-being of employees. It also gives visitors a favorable image of the company, beginning with a well-kept environment outside the buildings. Indoor and outdoor gardens serve as places for employees to relax and recharge. 

Sodexo maintains the grounds of our clients to provide safe and aesthetically appealing areas for everyone to enjoy. Ground maintenance services cover building entrance areas, inner courtyards and terraces of the premises.


We provide the highest standards of security services to ensure the safety of employees and assets. What is unique about us is that you are able to access the onsite management teams every day. This differs from the security industry standard where managers are remotely located with only periodic contact with clients. 

Trends at a glance

2018 Workplace Trends Report


Sodexo opens its new APAC House, an innovative office that boosts employees’ all-round wellbeing, supports new ways of working and benefits the community and environment. The workspace boasts a full suite of digital innovations to make work life simple, productive and most importantly, enjoyable.


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