On-site Services

Sodexo’s guiding philosophy is simple. If individuals are spending their best hours at work or school, let’s make it worth their while. 

This is why over the years, Sodexo has been expanding our breadth and depth of services to cater to the evolving demands of the marketplace.

We answer questions like: How can food boost collective wellness and productivity? What’s the best way to minimise waste? How can we be more efficient in space planning?

Today, Sodexo has built a massive portfolio of projects with some of the world’s top companies in:

We have teams of experts across over 100 fields that keep our clients’ operations well-oiled while improving the Quality of Life of employees and consumers.

Food Services Soft Facilities Management Hard Facilities Management
  • Nutrition planning
  • Staff restaurant management
  • Catering for functions and banquets (including premium executive dining)
  • Pantry management
  • Food waste management
  • Waste management
  • Grounds maintenance including landscaping
  • Housekeeping
  • Janitorial works
  • Roads maintenance
  • Laundry
  • Pest and animal control
  • Medical services
    • Sterilisation of medical equipment
    • Inpatient meal ordering system
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Technical maintenance
  • Electrical works
  • Building works
  • Fire safety

Our services are constantly expanding in scope and depth. Our team will provide a customised proposal after understanding your needs.


Corporate Services

People perform better in a pleasant working environment. Sodexo designs, manages and delivers solutions for clients to improve daily life in the workplace and to help employees to be more productive.



Sodexo teams around the world help our clients provide the best possible health care experience to their patients. Our customized solutions are specifically geared to improving the satisfaction of patients and their families and enhancing the efficiency and reputation of our clients.

Schools & Universities

Schools & Universities

From pre-school through tertiary instituitions, we support students on their path to adulthood. To help them achieve their academic aspirations, Sodexo fosters a healthy lifestyle and creates living and learning environments that are conducive to success.

Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources

Every day on remote sites around the world, Sodexo teams provide support for people who find themselves living and working under extreme conditions, facing isolation, overcrowding, hostile weather and more.


Sodexo opens its new APAC House, an innovative office that boosts employees’ all-round wellbeing, supports new ways of working and benefits the community and environment. The workspace boasts a full suite of digital innovations to make work life simple, productive and most importantly, enjoyable.


Technical Expertise

Sodexo Kim Yew is a leading hard FM service provider to many public & education sector clients and it reinforces our technical expertise in Singapore. 


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