Our Commitment

By respecting, understanding and attending to the needs of those we interact with daily, our clients, suppliers, consumers and communities, and making sure every individual who makes us who we are is respected and treated equally and fairly, we promote diversity and inclusion across Sodexo.

We want our employees to bring their whole selves to work regardless of age, gender, nationality, culture or personal characteristics in order to create a workplace where everyone feels that their culture, identity and experiences are respected and valued.

We are humble and recognize that pursuing our commitment requires ongoing reflection, difficult conversations and continuous improvement of our policies, practices and initiatives.

We also work with our suppliers to promoting inclusion, partner with local organizations and advocacy groups and dedicate our philanthropic endeavors to empowering vulnerable and minority groups.

By living by our commitments and taking action against discrimination and calling other businesses and organisations to join the movement, we can contribute to a more open, fair and inclusive society.

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Our Approach

Our approach directly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by creating fair and inclusive workplaces. We want our teams to bring their full selves to work and be recognised for the diverse perspectives and skills they bring to the table.

Better Tomorrow 2025

This approach is also reflected throughout the Sodexo Better Tomorrow 2025 Corporate Responsibility Roadmap.

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