Waste | An issue close to our heart


Tackling waste is critical to reducing  greenhouse gas emissions, protecting land and water and improving livelihoods.

A third of food is wasted globally every day. As a major food services company, we have a vital role to make things right.

The United Nations aims to cut food waste by 50% by 2030. At Sodexo, we are working to keep pace with it.

In addition to cutting food waste, we are committed to conserving energy and water. To date:

  • 89.7% of Sodexo sites have implemented equipment and processes to reduce organic waste; and
  • 81.5% of Sodexo sites have done the same for non-organic waste

Preventing Food Waste with Technology

We have established a global program, WasteWatch – powered by LeanPath – which helps to identify causes and define action plans to prevent pre- and post-consumer waste.

In Singapore, WasteWatch has been successfully piloted at a school where we reduced waste by 300kg per week after six months. The program is now a highlight of Sodexo Singapore’s food services to our clients. 

WasteWatch also includes participation from clients and consumers. Sodexo actively interacts with consumers (such as students on campus) on the topic through educational talks, posters and other activities to drive home the message.

Increasing Awareness

Across the year, Sodexo organises numerous events (such as WasteLESS Week) to rally our clients and their consumers to reduce waste and donate un-used fit-for-consumption food items to charity.

We have also supported events that educate the public on how to whip up nutritious and pocket-friendly meals with quality excess ingredients.

Three issues close to our heart

Corporate responsability, hunger

Local Communities

Corporate responsability, gender


Corporate responsability, waste


WasteWatch, Waste Not


WasteWatch is a holistic waste prevention programme designed for Sodexo sites around the world. 

In Singapore, we debuted this waste prevention programme at a local school. After just six months of implementing WasteWatch, food waste generated at the school was reduced by 300kg every week on average. 

30% of energy savings


Sodexo Facilities Management team conducted a walk-through energy audit at United World College of South East Asia – Dover Campus, in Singapore. The scope of the walk-through audit covered the energy consuming assets in the areas (kitchen, service, and dining) that are involved in Sodexo’s provision of food services to the client. The energy saving recommendations resulting from this audit generated electricity savings and helped demonstrate Sodexo’s capabilities on sustainable energy use to the client.