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Founded in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, Sodexo has more than 427,000 employees worldwide. The Group’s development is built on fundamentals that unite our teams and give Sodexo its unique personality. These fundamentals are expressed through our values and ethical principles. More on our fundamentals.


Every day, in 50 countries, 100 million consumers and 427,000 of our own employees rely on our systems and strict protocols to provide safe working conditions.

When we integrate health and safety into everything we do, we minimise risk to people and property.

Have a safe day

Through the decades, we have been recognised for our top-notch commitment to health and safety standards around the world.

Every day, employees start the day by asking themselves: “Do I have the know-how, the right equipment and a safe environment for my work?

Sodexo employees are trained to have a “safety mindset”, reporting incidents and near misses the second they are spotted. Plus, we use innovative technology, such as remote control glass cleaners that reach tall places, to improve working conditions.

When we maximise health and safety at the workplace, we will have fulfilled what we set out to do – improve the Quality of Life of everyone we serve and hire.

Group Health and Safety Policy

Our Group Health and Safety Policy with 10 clearly defined principles sets our expectations and guides our actions.

We are committed to providing working conditions and client services that are safe and healthy.  Sodexo’s values of team spirit, service spirit and spirit of progress are the foundation of Sodexo’s health and safety culture. Our senior leadership and all employees are expected to personally demonstrate their commitment to support and improve our health and safety culture.

The engagement of our employees, clients, contractors, customers and suppliers is also essential to improve safety behaviors and practices and to achieve this we communicate and consult widely on health and safety matters. 


Management System

Sodexo’s global health and safety management system is based on OHSAS 18001, an internationally recognised certification standard. We also go above and beyond by clinching other esteemed certifications such as the bizSAFE Star, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

Sodexo’s global health and safety management system is based on OHSAS18001 and includes 18 mandatory core processes. The management system delivers the Group Health and Safety Policy expectations in each business entity. In addition, Group Reference Standards define minimum global standards for specific health and safety topics.

Salus, the Group’s global health and safety software platform, generates KPIs for each element of the management system. The KPIs are used to define appropriate actions to continuously improve health and safety.

img_systeme de management


Salus, our multi-lingual software, defines the best preventive actions based on information on incidents and near misses, and generates KPIs in workplace health and safety.

Salus is our global health and safety software platform, where our people around the world share experiences to improve health and safety. Learning from all incidents drives continuous improvement. This is a mandatory expectation defined in Sodexo’s Group Health and Safety Policy.

Salus is a global, multi-lingual, web-based platform accessible to all Sodexo operations and health and safety teams. Incident information, including near-misses, is used to define the best preventive actions. Salus is also used to generate KPIs for Sodexo’s global health and safety management system.





Safety in the Workplace

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