Corporate Responsibility

The world is changing. Population growth, environmental issues and social shifts are changing the way we live and work. Businesses have to change, too.


We’re building a better tomorrow for everyone

It’s more important than ever for organizations to do well by doing good. Whoever they are, wherever they operate, businesses must act for the benefit of everyone in order to create true value.

At Sodexo, our 427,000 employees make things better, safer, healthier and easier for over 100 million consumers around the world. We’re passionate about raising the quality of life for everyone – and it’s part of what we do every day.

We know we can only meaningfully improve lives if we make good decisions. And that means thinking about the needs of tomorrow as well as today. That is why we monitor our progress through our corporate responsibility roadmap, called Better Tomorrow 2025. It gives us, and all those we work with, a shared focus on our long-term future.

It all adds up to a better tomorrow for everyone involved. Better for the individuals we employ and serve. Better for our communities. Better for the world around us and the resources we all share.

Doing what we do best, every day, means a better tomorrow for everyone.

Nine commitments for a Better Tomorrow

We have developed our approach to corporate responsibility by looking not only at the different roles that we play as a large global organization, but also at the different impacts our actions have in the world.




The Environment

As an Employer

Improve the Quality of Life of our employees.

Ensure a diverse workforce and inclusive culture that reflects and enriches communities we serve.

Foster a culture of environmental responsibility within our workforce and workspaces.

As a Service provider

Provide and encourage our consumers to access healthy lifestyle choices.

Promote local development, fair, inclusive and sustainable business practices.

Source responsibly and provide management services that reduce carbon emissions.

As Corporate Citizen

Fight hunger and malnutrition.

Drive diversity and inclusion as a catalyst for change.

Champion sustainable resource usage.

Three issues close to our heart

Corporate responsability, hunger


Corporate responsability, gender


Corporate responsability, waste


Champion of Good

champion of good

In 2017, Sodexo Singapore received the Champion of Good award, a top honour given to organisations which have been exemplary in their corporate giving efforts. 

Corporate Responsibility Digital Brochure

A document which explains the basic information about our Corporate Responsibility Roadmap and the  issues closed to our heart.

Corporate Responsibility Awards and Recognitions

The rating and ranking process helps us to focus on continuous improvements, increasing our positive impact on Quality of Life.


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